Acupuncture is a Chinese medicinal technique that has been used for over 2000 years to treat numerous maladies from arthritic pain to infertility. The system is based on a network of life energy (qi) that flows throughout the human body. These pathways, called meridians, theoretically circulate energy throughout the organs and functions of the body. Since the meridians are not visible to the naked eye or during dissection or surgery, many western doctors do not recognize acupuncture as an accredited medical treatment. However, a discovery by two physics researchers may explain the acupuncture phenomenon – Double Helix Water®.

Double Helix Water® is a new phase of water that was discovered by a physicist and a research engineer, after nearly two decades of research.

Double Helix Water®

The name Double Helix Water® is used to describe the form of water that results when pure water particles become solid clusters at room temperature. Under certain electrical pressures, pure water in a sterile environment forms solid clusters, taking on the shape of a double helix. This unheard-of phenomenon has scientists reevaluating their theories on everything from evolution to holistic medicine.

The double-helix shape is most often associated with one other very familiar material – DNA. This may not be a coincidence. If stable water clusters occurred naturally in the primordial environment, they may well have been the building block that made life possible on Earth.

What does all this have to do with acupuncture, you ask? It could explain the meridian system; the meridian network in the human body may actually be made up of stable water clusters. It is already known that the body is about 60% water, so it stands to reason that this form of ultra-pure water could play some part in its complex infrastructure. Stable water clusters would be the perfect medium to conduct energy and coordinate functions within the body. Therefore, Double Helix Water® could be used to heal and improve the meridian framework. Dr. Lo has done more than just speculate on this topic, however.

In order to test the theory that Double Helix Water® could have healing properties,  thermal images were recorded of patients before and after drinking Double Helix Water. In 99% of cases, the thermal images showed a significant change in temperature in some part of the body. Most instances showed an overall lowering of the body temperature. What does this mean? Medical professionals generally associate lower temperatures with optimal health. When an organ or body function is working hard to heal or fight off infection, its temperature is higher. Therefore when doctors see the temperature becoming lower, it is a sign of improvement. Most of Dr. Lo’s thermal comparisons showed a lowering of body temperature within 30 minutes of consuming Double Helix Water®.

To further study the potential benefits of Double Helix Water®, doctors and scientists have been testing its effects in a number of different medical situations. Dr. Benjamin Bonavida at UCLA recently discovered that Double Helix Water® enhanced the immunology of red blood cells enormously. In another example, Double Helix Water® was used as an oral supplement as well as in a topical cream in a group of eleven autistic children. Within three months, eight of the children showed social improvements as well as healthier body temperatures in thermal comparisons.

While the full implications of this revolutionary discovery have not yet been realized, it’s clear that Double Helix Water® is a breakthrough for holistic medicine and could even help scientists understand more about the birth of life itself.