The plant Aloe, which is a native species of Africa, has been used for several years as a medicinal plant. Aloe Vera is derived from a species of Aloe plant that also grows in Africa. You will find Aloe Vera is has green, thick leaves with a yellow tubular carapace that grows off the leaves. You will find that Aloe Vera is also used for many herbal medicines as well as being a plant to have around the house. You can actually cultivate the herbal medicines from the plant at home. It makes it one of the most important plants to have around your home if you are interested in gaining the herbal remedy from the plant on your own.

Strangely enough Aloe Vera has also been used as a food preservative. You will find that Aloe Vera has been used on fruits and legumes to preserve them while they are in the store. The gel derived from the plant is odorless and tasteless, but naturally protects fruits and legumes from going bad while in the store. More often the Aloe Vera plant is used for medicine. You will find that most skin treatments will have a percentage of Aloe Vera in the ingredients. Aloe Vera protects the skin or treats the skin for cuts, burns, eczema, and inflammation. Many shampoos, conditioners, and soaps have also started to use Aloe Vera more frequently because of the herbal properties.

When you start to experience dry skin it is important that the product have some type of Aloe Vera in it. The Aloe Vera will help to re- hydrate the skin with the properties in the gel. Treating burns with Aloe Vera was also mentioned. Burns generally cause extreme pain for the individual as the redness and blisters form. By placing Aloe Vera on the burn you will be helping to reduce the puss of the burn and the pain. It is a soother. You will want to treat the area on a regular basis and keep the area covered with a bandage to avoid infection as well as re- hydrate the skin. The gel works best when you apply it and allow the natural elements of your skin re- hydrate the area. The moisture from having a bandage around the skin will help the recovery. Lastly eczema was mentioned. Eczema is an extreme area of dry skin that can result for a variety of reasons. Aloe Vera will help to re- hydrate the skin and get rid of the bumps and dry skin.