An aromatherapy diffuser is a device which is intended to spread out the molecules of the essentials oils through the air of the room or space in which it is place. An aromatherapy diffuser works through gentle heating or exciting of the molecules so they are released and spread.

Many diffusers use an electric current to warm and spread the aromatherapy oils. To use it, a few drops of the aromatherapy essential oil is placed in the unit and gently heated until the fragrance fills the entire room. An aromatherapy diffuser is both practical and beautiful. You can choose a style of diffuser which will match the d?cor of the room or that matches the particular essential oil you have chosen to represent your space.

In the past, the process of diffusing essential oils was time consuming and arduous, but modern methods, devices and products have simplified the process, while still leaving the wonderful variety of fragrances and their many benefits for health and well-being.

The style of the aromatherapy diffuser itself is as varied as the fragrances. You may choose from a hand carved rosewood box containing crystallized amber essence. The fragrance is uniquely India. It has aphrodisiacal qualities and is a rich and alluring perfume scent. It easily dissolves into the skin at body temperature.

A natural geode with a essential oil reservoir on a polished agate base with a copper snake figure is another unusual aromatherapy diffuser

A hand carved vine motif soapstone aromatherapy diffuser has a place for the tea light and a reservoir for a few drops of essential oil in water. The ambience created by the light and shadow patterns makes this an ideal diffuser for the bedroom, or for a romantic setting with a gourmet dinner at home.

The above are specific diffusers, but there are some general types of diffusers that will provide just the right product for any aromatherapy diffuser need you may have.
Fan diffusers blow air through small pads that contain your favorite essential oils. Nebulizing diffusers use an essential oil filled glass chamber. Air is pumped through the chamber with no need for heating the essential oils. Tea candle diffusers float a tea candle on a reservoir of water to which a few drops of essential oils have been added. Diffuser pots are ceramic containers with a few drops of essential oils added. The diffuser pots don’t require heat.