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Which Companies Have the Lowest Carbon Emissions?

Beyond making changes in one’s personal lifestyle, how can individuals affect the broader issues of climate change and carbon emissions? By supporting companies that engage in practices which they support.

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How to Go Green in Your Day-to-Day Life

As awareness of this civilization’s impact on the environment increases, people are becoming more willing to accept clean lifestyles, than ever before. But some aren’t exactly sure where to begin.

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Not all energy is create equal

Think that turning on the light switch translates to the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions during all hours of the day? Think again. Last Friday saw the creation of http://realtimecarbon.org, a United Kingdom-based website that allows UK citizens to view the varying carbon intensity of their energy usage throughout the day. The site tracks […]

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EcoPlus Homes Builds Scotland’s First Sustainable Housing Venture

A conglomerate headed by EcoPlus Homes, in collaboration with Sustainable Homes Scotland, SIPS Industries and Formworks UK, has confirmed that it has finalized a site that will be home to Scotland’s first set of Zero-carbon homes. EcoPlus Homes is based in Edinburgh itself and it is focused on developing environmentally-friendly housing options. Stephen Huber, the […]

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Gas Prices and Global Warming

Rising fuel prices from Crestock Stock Image Gas Prices are Making a Difference In an Odd Sort of Way I found a very interesting post at the Ecomodder Blog describes the effects that gas prices have had on the overall gasoline consumption in the US, which describes the effects that gas prices have had on […]

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