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Gas Prices are Making a Difference

In an Odd Sort of Way

I found a very interesting post at the Ecomodder Blog describes the effects that gas prices have had on the overall gasoline consumption in the US, which describes the effects that gas prices have had on the overall gasoline consumption in the US.

According to the above post, there have been 11 billion less miles traveled in March 2008 as comparied to March 2007.  Per this report, there is also a drop in greenhouse gas emissions of 9 million metric tons compared to past years.

Now this makes me wonder … obviously no one is really happy about the high gas prices and it has had devastating effects on businesses and families all over.  But that doesn’t stop one from wondering (or hoping) that some good might come out of this?

If economic pressures force us to lower our carbon emissions, make gas mileage improvements, and even switch to more economical (and environmentally friendly) means of transport … well, in many ways there is economic damage that won’t necessarily be undone by that.  But could this situation be turned somehow in the right direction and give us the sense of urgency needed to make changes toward a less toxic planet?

After all, it’s all very well to talk about Global Warming and the future of the world.  But that’s “the future.”  We turn off the T.V. program about the Greenhouse Effect, jump into our Chevy, and head to the movies.

But with gas prices going up as they are, many people are feeling a much more immediate pressure to lower their fuel consumption, get better gas mileage, and even look into the possibility of using alternative fuels.

It’s no longer simply a matter of whether we all drown 30 years from now – it’s whether we eat hamburgers for dinner or steak.  And, lets face it.  That can sometimes feel a lot more important.