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Tips: How to Go Green Video

Cleaning up one’s life and helping clean up the environment at the same time really difficult. Remembering the little things goes a long way. In fact, when millions of people remember millions of little things, it adds up to big changes – just like millions of people not remembering adds up to big landfills. Here […]

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Wild Harvest Creamery

Here’s a video showing a fascinating glimpse into the life of a cheese-maker on a sustainable farm, including why she decided to make cheese.  This family farm on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State also raises animals.

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“You Are What You Eat”

I just found this video and it brought chills. Why? This is not something that is new to me. I have known these things since I was a baby. I grew up in a home where Skippy peanut butter was banned, white bread was never seen, and maraschino cherries – I think I wondered if […]

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Video: Hypermiling and Getting up to 85 Miles Per Gallon

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Hypermiling: Safe and Simple – Video

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Yerba Mate Tea

Many of the common drinks that have become a part of life for people all over the world actually contain dangerous and damaging levels of toxins. Here is one article which gives some information on the toxins that can be found in common soft drinks. Image by ANOXLOU via Flickr Unhealthy foods and drinks […]

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