Non-Toxic House Cleaning

Image via Wikipedia The everyday cleaning materials we can buy in supermarkets may look nice on the shelves, but most if not all of them are full of damaging chemical toxins.  These toxins can be absorbed into the body in many ways – through ingestion, breathing, and even skin-contact.  And in many cases the toxins […]

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Hypermiling – Not So Scary After All?

While some rant and rave about the dangers and risks of hypermiling (referring to unsafe tactics that are used by some insane drivers), sensible and ethical hypermilers continue going calmly about their work to get better gas mileage.

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Reducing Carbon Dioxide in Our Environment

Most of us know that carbon dioxide is an unhealthy toxin which can affect one’s physical well-being. Yet at the same time most of us are dependent upon vehicles which produce carbon dioxide and pollute our direct living environments, every time we fire up their engines. While it is easy to say we should all […]

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More Gas Saving Tips

I’ve come across some new ways to improve gas mileage which I think are worthy of note. There is an excellent blog post at Gas prices have reached $4.21 per gallon!!! This blogger has compiled 450 tips he has found and read, about how to get better gas mileage.  Some of these tips even […]

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Hypermiling Safely

The news is filled with stories of the dangers of hypermiling. Which is the result of a few idiots using unsafe hypermiling techniques to try to get better gas mileage despite risking the safety and lives of themselves, their passangers, and others.

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Gas Prices and Global Warming

Rising fuel prices from Crestock Stock Image Gas Prices are Making a Difference In an Odd Sort of Way I found a very interesting post at the Ecomodder Blog describes the effects that gas prices have had on the overall gasoline consumption in the US, which describes the effects that gas prices have had on […]

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Hypermiling: Dangerous and Stupid, or Safe and Sensible?

Unsafe Driving Practices that Waste Gas The subject of hypermiling has come under controversy in the media because some people do stupid and dangerous things which they call “hypermiling” to “get better gas mileage.” I almost don’t want to list these idiocies because I don’t want to give anyone ideas.  (Like telling a kid “don’t […]

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Hypermiling Warnings

The subject of “hypermiling” (techniques to reduce fuel consumption and combat high gas prices) has become increasingly discussed, promoted, and debated in the online world. Hypermiling techniques are methods of reducing your vehicle’s fuel consumption while driving and saving money on gasoline. Obviously these techniques are becoming more broadly applied (and contested) as gas prices […]

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