6 Ways to Use Herbal Mists

One great beauty/skincare accessory that doesn't get enough credit is the herbal mist spray. Like hand lotion and lipstick, an all-natural herbal mist should be one of your go-to products that you carry with you everywhere. In this article we'll explain the benefits of herbal mists for the skin and face.

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Here’s The Fragrant Boost Your Overworked Skin Has Been Waiting For

Your skin fights one of the most courageous battles of any organ in your body. Constantly bombarded by air pollutants, toxins, weather, and sun, it's no wonder that the skin is one of the first indicators of age and decline. While you may not be able to remove all skin-damaging factors from your environment, you can assist it with products that help soothe, restore, and self-heal.

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