Cheap, Clean and Green!

A great new way to clean your home is through these handmade recipes, and there is no chemistry set needed! Just mix a few simple ingredients together and youve got your very own green-clean team.

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Tips: How to Go Green Video

Cleaning up one’s life and helping clean up the environment at the same time really difficult. Remembering the little things goes a long way. In fact, when millions of people remember millions of little things, it adds up to big changes - just like millions of people not remembering adds up to big landfills. Here are a few tips and reminders you can use to help protect the environment, in your everyday life.

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Natural Solutions for Beautiful Skin

Before you put on your make-up in the morning, consider this: A woman may ingest around 4 pounds of lipstick over the course of her life. Skin is one of the most absorbent surfaces on the body, and the average woman slathers on product after product to achieve younger looking, more radiant skin without thinking about the ingredients.

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