5 Foods to Eat for Beautiful, Healthy Skin

You can slather the world's most expensive lotions and serums onto your face, but none of them will make a difference if your diet does not support skin health. The most important anti-aging and beauty regimen you can do for your skin is to nurture it from the inside-out, through a varied and nutritious diet. A great many different foods are required to maintain a healthy diet, but there are certain items that are especially important for the skin. Keep reading to find out which foods can boost your natural glow.

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Healthy Hair from the Inside Out

When it comes to ageless beauty, hair health is a huge factor. Healthy, shiny hair will work wonders to keep you feeling young and well. In our previous post, we gave you some DIY tips on treating hair from the outside-in using common ingredients from your kitchen. Today, we discuss other ways that healthy foods can improve the look and feel of your hair, this time from the inside-out.

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Hair Masks Costing a Fortune? Try These All-Natural Recipes at a Fraction of the Cost

Whether you're trying to grow it out, treat the breakage and frizz, or minimize balding, men and women alike spend a surprising amount of time worrying about their hair. Hair masks are a popular remedy for many hair complaints, from dull locks to thinning, and some can be very effective. With price tags that range anywhere from $10 to $60 or more, a quality hair mask doesn't always come cheap. But what if you could create a fresh, even more effective natural hair mask in your own kitchen?

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Beauty Applications for Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan oil is the beauty industry’s big new trend; suddenly, it’s being included in everything from hair conditioner to body lotion. It’s true that this rare natural oil has been used by Moroccans on hair, skin, and nails for hundreds of years, but what is it that makes products from the argan tree so effective?

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Should You be Using Gluten-Free Skincare Products?

If you've turned on a television or walked down the street recently, you've probably heard something about gluten-free diets. This new trend is a serious health necessity for those with celiac disease, but it also has been shown to improve a host of problems from digestion complications to autism. When it comes to skincare however, does this health trend hold any weight?

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What to Look for in Skincare Products: Cruelty Free

When thinking of animal testing laboratories, most of us picture wire cages stacked along cold white walls as mournful eyes peek through steel bars. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too real in hundreds of labs across the country. If you think there’s nothing you can do to help, you’re mistaken. More and more beauty lines are ceasing animal testing. You just have to know what to look for.

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Skincare Ingredients to Avoid, Part 6: Sulfates

Chemicals have become so entrenched in our consumer lifestyle that we barely even notice how many of them we are consuming or applying to our body each day. Your facial cleanser alone probably contains about 10 different chemical compounds. One of these is likely a sulfate.

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Skincare Ingredients to Avoid, Part 5: PEGs

Over 50% of your standard beauty products contain polyethylene glycol compounds (PEGs). According to the International Journal of Toxicology (IJT), this chemical has been associated with health problems from severe skin irritation to breast cancer, yet the US Department of Health still considers the compound safe for cosmetic applications.

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