Are you consuming enough trace minerals? Trace minerals are nutrients that are required in very small amounts by the body, but remain vitally important to your health. Since some of these can be more difficult to find in the average diet, many try to find supplements to compensate for the deficiency. The question is, which mineral supplements are most effective and absorbable?

rare-earth-mineralsWhy Supplement with Chelated Minerals?

Many types of mineral supplements are sourced and processed in the most cost-effective way possible, which means they are not necessarily formulated to improve absorption.  Absorbability is affected by many factors, such the source and chemical makeup of the mineral. Certain combinations of minerals can also cause interference. For instance: typical zinc can block the absorption of iron; calcium can block zinc; and iron can block calcium.

Chelated minerals are bound to amino acids and this makes them much easier for your body to absorb and metabolize. Since the body takes in amino acids more efficiently than it does many minerals, the digestion of chelated minerals is quicker and more complete, regardless of which mineral combination you take.

Trace Minerals and Where to Find Them

While most macro minerals, like calcium, are found more abundantly in everyday foods, trace minerals are sometimes harder to find. Here are some trace minerals with a few of their food sources:

  • Chromium – green beans, broccoli, and egg yolk
  • Copper – seafood (especially shellfish) and organ meats
  • Fluoride – seafood, tea, gelatin, and fluoridated water
  • Iodine – sea vegetables, cranberries, and iodized salt
  • Iron – muscle meats, organ meats, beans, whole grains, and dark leafy greens
  • Manganese – whole grains, nuts, leafy vegetables, and teas
  • Molybdenum – legumes, whole grains, and nuts
  • Selenium – brewer’s yeast or nutritional yeast, wheat germ, butter, garlic, shellfish, and organ meats
  • Zinc – oysters, red meat, and poultry
  • Cobalt – fish, nuts, and green leafy vegetables
  • Boron – chickpeas, beans, vegetables, bananas, nuts, and avocado

If you’re not sure you’re receiving sufficient quantities of trace minerals in your diet, an all-natural supplement can make all the difference. We suggest chelated minerals. Try T.J. Clark’s liquid formula for the best absorption of nutrients.

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