It was known from centuries ago that what we eat affects our health. The science that studies our food intake and its effects on our health is called nutrition. The diet that we eat produces either god or bad effects on our health. In nutrition you examine how, why, when, all this happens. The health professionals who are experts in nutrition science, are called dieticians .They give you diet advice which is totally evidence based .If there is some imbalance in your nutrition requirements, they find it out. There can be two types of nutrition imbalances in your food intake. You may be taking certain type of food, excess of which can cause imbalance in your nutrition, causing problems of health.
One simple example is sugar in case of a diabetic patient. The intake of sugar is necessary ingredient of your nutrition but in case of diabetic patient it is necessary to control the sugar to avoid any imbalance in your nutrition
Second type of imbalance in nutrition can take place because of fewer intakes of certain types of foods. We require vitamins and minerals to maintain our health. Green vegetables are an important source of natural vitamins and minerals. If you are not using much of green vegetables in your diet, it may cause deficiency of vitamins, which in turn will lead to imbalance in your nutrition. Thus in this case a dietician will, advice you to, increase the green vegetables in your diet to correct imbalance in nutrition.
It is oblivious that studies in nutrition will take research for months or years to prove or disprove certain hypothesis from nutrition point of view. You have to note all the food intake first. Then note everything about person’s health at the time of ingestion. Note all the health points after the digestion. Finally note all chemicals present in human waste.
This observations noting has to be continued over prolong time, before coming to any conclusion from nutrition point of view.
When we take food it contains certain chemicals which are useful for our body health. Our body secretes certain chemicals. We can call them digestive juices. These chemicals have reactions on chemicals from the food. After the reaction, two types of chemicals are produced. First type is useful for our health; this is absorbed by our body. The second part is waste chemicals. These are not useful for body health. They are thrown away by the body. This ultimately forms human excreta. Our body has lot many cells. If they function well, our body remains healthy. If these cells do not get their nutrition, our health suffers
It is obvious that our nutrition depends on proper diet.