First of all one should remember the he or she is not the only one who has had an attack of acne. There are a multitude of individuals, a good number of them in their teens, are faced with acne problems. For sure, acne can be treated to bring back the skin to its original condition. Patience is the only name of this game. Gentle friction of the scars will remove most scars, but it also may require months or even years

For those who are patient, the acne scars will vanish, gradually of course, by eating less oily food and using simple substances. A natural diet, elimination of greasy or oily foods or topical creams and salves will result in healthier bodies including the skin. A healthier life style is always advantageous, even if there is no history of acne or its scars. Apply honey on the skin. You can also apply turmeric with a little lime juice. Both these must be applied about half an hour before you have a bath. You may also use Vitamin E. Break the capsule and apply the contents. If you choose any of these treatments, you will have to do it regularly for at least three months before you can see results.

For those individuals who want things to happen overnight, there is more bad news. Some people will keep trying almost anything and in the process will end up leaving permanent scars on their skin surface which may only be removed by expensive plastic surgery. Therefore, your frustration has no place and it can only add to your misery and lead you to permanent skin damage.

For those individuals who are desperate to get the acne scars removed there will be a cost. You may ask your dermatologist to do a chemical peeling of your skin. For most people this will work but at some expense. This may be a trade off for people who need to face the public whose skin must look perfect.

There is another treatment where a chemical substance is injected to promote the scars to surface of the skin and then it is peeled. The bad news is that this is only temporary and the scars will re appear after about six months.

All the above treatment depends on how much you can spend. Whatever you choose, it is highly advisable that you consult your dermatologist before making a decision.