Aromatherapy is the use of rapidly evaporating essential oils (liquid plant materials) to help enhance or improve a person’s health and/ or mood. This therapy is practiced mostly by providers of alternative medicine, and has come under a lot of criticism by traditional medical professionals.

There is little aromatherapy information that comes from controlled studies. Perhaps because essential oils would not be patentable, therefore not profitable to big drug companies. At times, claims are made by fans of aromatherapy that cannot be backed up by any scientific proof. Some aromatherapy information claims that are made can be proved to be false.

Aromatherapy information contains traditional uses for many different essential oils. There are recipes, simple and complex available to make one’s own aromatherapy blends. With the growing interest in aromatherapy, more manuals for preparing various remedies used in these natural health benefits.

Cultures from as far back as the Egyptians, Chinese, Romans and Greeks have been rumored to have used aromatherapy in some form or another. They used essential oils in everything from religious ceremonies to medical cures to cosmetics. Little aromatherapy information is left from those days, especially since it was not called aromatherapy until the 1900’s.

Aromatherapy information is also available to help consumers purchase the best essential oils for their own blending. A few of simple rules to keep in mind are, make sure the label says “pure essential oil”, don’t buy essential oils in light colored, plastic bottles as sunlight and the chemicals in the plastic break down the oils, research what the essential oil is good for.

A lovely way to add aromatherapy to one’s day is to purchase, or make one’s own aromatherapy candles. Make sure to check for essential oils on the label of the candle when purchasing it. Also make sure the essential oils used are appropriate for the mood help that is desired. Keep a selection on hand for any need.

Aromatherapy is also available in skin care products. Skin care is so important to most, if not all women that they should at least look into essential oil skin care products. These products are toxin and synthetic ingredient free, which makes them a step above many other skin care products. There are several recipes available to make the skin cleanser appropriate for each different skin type.

Whether or not aromatherapy works as a cure, its fragrances smell wonderful and it can help improve the mood just from that viewpoint alone.