An aromatherapy bath product provides a way to enjoy your bathing experience while at the same time gaining the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. Since aromatherapy affects two of the five senses, i.e. smell and touch and could be broadened to include both hearing and sight, an aromatherapy bath product may appeal to any of the senses with the possible exception of taste. Since taste and smell are so closely allied, perhaps it could be said that an aromatherapy bath product can appeal to one or all of the five senses.


Lavender and Bergamot essential oils combined with avocado oil and panthenol (B5) leave your skin feeling soft and your mood relaxed and uplifted in this bath salt called Dream Time.

Love Letter bath salts include the fragrance of rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang essential oils. This combination has reputed aphrodisiacal qualities but its base of avocado oil and panthenol will leave your skin feeling soft and seductive.


Essence of grapefruit and lime provide a bath tablet which lives up to its name-Vitality.

To add to your overall fitness, you can use the Fitness sparkling bath tablets with essences of myrtle and juniper.


Chamomile Bath Oil provides therapy for your skin where it’s affected by sun, wind or weather. This aromatherapy bath product is also great for relaxation and soothing.

Rosemint Bath Oil in a warm or hot bath soothes tired achy muscles and leaves you feeling invigorated at the same time.


Orange Linden Blossom Shower Gel combines the aroma of southern European bitter oranges with the sensual essence of Linden Blossom for a sweet and bitter mix that is fragrant and invigorating.

Lemon-Lime Shower Gel is a brisk and revitalizing shower experience any time of the day.

Each aromatherapy bath product above appeals to both the sense of smell and the sense of touch as it’s applied to your skin. The colors as well are appealing. You can make your bath a totally sensory experience by relaxing in a tub of warm to hot water with aromatherapy spa candles burning beside the tub and soft relaxing music playing just loud enough to dull the sounds of the outside world. Try a type of music genre that you haven’t tried before. You may also try to match the music mood to the mood of the aromatherapy. Then lay back and absorb the sounds, the sights, the feel and the smell of your aromatherapy bath. And for your sense of taste?-Try a decadent piece of the richest chocolate you can imagine.