If making your own essential oil blends is something that appeals to you, finding the right aromatherapy supplies is going to be very important.

It will probably be fairly easy to find a shop in areas close to home, if home is a metropolis. If, however, that is not the case, the internet is the place to go shopping.
There are many sites online that offer aromatherapy supplies shipped right to your door. One such site is called “Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC”. They offer a large selection of aromatherapy supplies, both for making essential oil recipes and blends, and pre-made aromatherapies.

Some of the supplies available are things like unscented bases to add the essential oils to. They have good feedback on these products from people with sensitive skin and allergies. They also carry bottles for the finished aromatherapy product, both glass and plastic. Other aromatherapy supplies include the carrier oil needed to keep the essential oils from being applied directly to the skin. And of course they have a good supply of the essential oils themselves.

This site also offers decoders and charts to help understand mixing and blending essential oils. Other aromatherapy supplies include diffusers of several types and styles. Diffusers are used to disperse the essential oils molecules into the air. You are sure to find a diffuser style to suit your d?cor for sale there.

Another site that sells aromatherapy supplies is called “Aroma Thyme”. You can also order from them by phone. They have a large supply of aromatherapy candles available including ones for relaxing and rejuvenating. Their candles are made using only pure essential oils, not fragrance oils, and natural soy as the base.

Aroma Thyme carries essential oils, bottles for storing blends, and carrier oils. Other aromatherapy supplies include massage and body oils like lavender. An unusual product found at Aroma Thyme is the reed style diffuser. The natural reeds absorb the essential oil mixture in their container and direct the diffused molecules out into the room. Try one of these in the bathroom. Their Essential Oil of the Month selection helps to focus interest on one particular plant or herb, and how to use it most effectively.

Aroma Thyme has a business of taking care of people including their online customers. Aromatherapy supplies purchased through Aroma Thyme are the highest quality wild collected products, and a wonderful source of new revenue.