As we grow older, it becomes increasingly difficult to cultivate a healthy mind and body. Energy levels drop, exercise feels more strenuous, and life’s daily stresses become ever heavier on our minds. If this sounds like you, it may be time to help yourself by looking into alternative health solutions, like Double Helix Water.

Brain Activity After Drinking Double Helix WaterMeasuring Wellness

Most western doctors have a set of simple, but occasionally inadequate, tools to measure health and wellness. A few quick measurements of blood pressure and cholesterol levels are supposed to paint a picture of a person’s total well-being. But what does this tell us about energy levels, emotional state, or neurodynamic activity?

A Russian medical systems company called Dinamika Technologies has formulated a set of diagnostic tools to measure the full spectrum of a person’s health by way of a series of short and easy tests. This system, called Lotus, was used to measure the effects of Double Helix Water (stable water clusters) on the general health of a 63-year-old man over the course of three months.

Effects of Stable Water Clusters on Overall Health

On a regular basis for three months, the subject underwent a full set of tests using Dinamika’s Lotus technology, both before and after consuming stable water clusters. Before he began using stable water clusters, his biological age was measured at 69 years, even though his actual age was only 63. The last set of tests, however, revealed the following results:

  • Energy balance improved by 34%
  • Availability of energy resources increased by 105%
  • 29% increase in neurodynamic activity (activity within the central nervous system)
  • 12% improvement in biorhythm harmony (balance between brain and cardiovascular rhythms)
  • 32% improvement in vegetative regulation (the body’s regulation of basic biological processes)
  • 29% improvement in neurohumoral regulation (biochemical processes that keep the body running smoothly)
  • Psychoemotional state improved by 16%
  • Electrical activity in the brain increased by 16%

Longevity Graph by Lotus

After the three months of monitoring were complete, the subject’s biological age had decreased, from 69 years down to his actual age of 63. The fact that all of these improvements took place in only three months is astounding. Imagine the health benefits and potential increase in life expectancy if he were to continue drinking stable water clusters throughout his lifetime.

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