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Acne alternative treatments

Western drugs may give quick relief to the acne sufferer but they are not without side effects. Alternative or complementary medicine for the treatment of acne possesses similar therapeutic properties as those found in Western medicine, while having much less potential for dangerous side effects. Alternative medicine can be used either as an alternative to […]

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Natural Antibiotics

“Antibiotic” is a confusing label. “Anti” means “against” and “biotic” means “life.”  Pharmaceutical antibiotics such as penicillin or tetracycline are active against the life of some bacteria (only some, since many strains of bacteria have learned to survive around these substances).  They are not active against viruses. They are active against the beneficial bacteria that […]

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Too Little, Too Late

Sometimes we hear people say that they tried some herbs to handle a physical problem and “it didn’t work.”  Why is that?  Did they take the wrong thing? (Of course, that is always possible.) Is it tainted or contaminated? (That certainly happens in our toxic world.) Does it really not work for anyone? (Unlikely, or […]

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Medicinal Herbs

A medicinal herb is a plant, or a part of a plant, which has created a good enough effect on enough people that it has been remembered.  Its name, appearance, habitat, structure, parts, successful preparation and application, effects and side-effects have been passed down from generation to generation. Medical researchers or a pharmaceutical company might […]

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