A severe sore throat can be a constant torment that drives its ailing victim to any source of relief. Before reaching for a chemical-laden throat spray, however, look into the numerous benefits of a natural herbal alternative.

Woman with Sore ThroatPharmaceutical Throat Sprays versus Alternative Medicine

Common throat relief sprays contain harsh chemicals that can prove just as harmful as they are beneficial. Phenol, for one, is a known toxin that is also used as an industrial disinfectant. Its numbing properties can temporarily relieve soreness, but at what cost? Besides the numbing chemicals, pharmaceutical throat sprays usually contain a variety of additives and artificial sweeteners to create a better taste and consistency.

Holistic remedies, on the other hand, use only all-natural ingredients to treat the symptoms and the body as a whole. The result is a relieved throat, along with an improvement of other flu-like symptoms.

How it Works

Natural remedies, like Golden Lotus Throat Saver Spray, implement a combination of powerful herbs and Double Helix Water to provide relief from an inflamed throat and respiratory irritation. The main components are:

  • Yin Qiao Tang herbal formula: A combination of several ancient Chinese herbs, such as honeysuckle flowers, forsythia fruit, licorice root, and mint, that are known to boost the immune system, reduce fever, reduce inflammatory responses, and treat flu systems as a whole. In clinical trials, this combination of herbs has shown to resolve flu-like symptoms in one to two days. In one study, patients taking Yin Qiao Tang as a preventative measure were 15% less likely to contract the flu virus at all.
  • Gan Mao Ling herbal formula: Another traditional Eastern approach that combines herbs such as ilex root, evodia fruit, and chrysanthemum flower to combat the onset of the common cold. Besides a sore throat, this formula can also treat runny nose, congestion, and fever.
  • H.E.M.P. classical naturopathy: H.E.M.P. stands for hydrastis, echinacea, lomatium, phytollaca, and myrrh. When combined, these herbs serve to boost immunity responses, decrease inflammation, fight bacteria and viruses, as well as to clear mucous build-up.
  • Double Helix Water: A recently-discovered phase of water has been shown to have an incredibly positive effect on the human body, very similar to that of acupuncture. Applying it topically has much the same effect as an acupuncture needle, balancing the body’s natural bioelectric pathways while reducing pain and inflammation.

Additional Resources

Herbal remedies are most effective if they are applied at the very first sign of symptoms. For the best results, start using Golden Lotus Throat Saver as soon as you notice a scratchy throat and other flu-like symptoms. Be prepared and buy a pack of spray ahead of time, so you’ll be ready when a virus hits.

Find a variety of Golden Lotus herbal remedies and Double Helix Water products in the Living Clean store, or read more about holistic wellness:

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