As covered in our last post, the installation of a solar pool heater depends on various factors, such as the climate of an area, the area’s solar resource, safety issues, and local building code requirements. You might have to look for a certified solar heater contractor to install your pool heating system. Such a contractor can help you look for the right system for your heating needs. Some contractors use special software to determine the right size for your solar collectors. That helps to ensure you get the best solar pool heating system for your purposes.

Once you have your solar pool heater installed, it needs to be maintained, in order for it to run smoothly (usually for up to twenty years). The owner’s manual will contain guidance on how to maintain your system. But to save you the trouble, you can get the contractor to do it for you as well. Be sure to ask the contractor about what possibilities exist.

Your solar collector will require less maintenance, if the pool’s chemical balance, and its filtration system, is inspected regularly. Proper pool usage will make maintenance work a lot easier. If you have glazed solar collector (as described in the last post), it should be cleaned regularly – especially if the climate is dry and there is no rainwater to give wash away dirt buildup. Once dirt covers your glazed collector, its efficiency will be decreased.

When you’re still looking for contractors, be sure to ask them about their company’s experience in installing and maintaining solar pool heaters. The company you choose must have the appropriate experience in handling the system you want, and maintaining it after installation. Don’t fall for contractors that offer cheap services without doing proper research. You can ask around your neighborhood and inquire about what contractor others have used.

In this business, the more experience the company has, the better. Also be sure to check their credentials. Some states require the contractor to have solar contractor as well as plumber licenses. Inquire with the state’s contractor licensing board with regards to the validity of the license. They can also tell you whether there have been complaints against a certain contractor within the state. In this way you can avoid fly-by-night types and stick with those who run reputable businesses.

Once you’ve chosen a contractor to do the job, all you need to do is to order and pay for your solar pool heating kit. The contractor can help choose the right system for your pool. This is one reason why you should get a competent contractor for the job.