The news is filled with stories of the dangers of hypermiling.

Which is the result of a few idiots using unsafe hypermiling techniques to try to get better gas mileage despite risking the safety and lives of themselves, their passangers, and others.

What is nice to see is that some people are still using safe and sensible hypermiling techniques to combat high gas prices without sacrificing safety.

And every day, more and more people are learning about hypermiling techniques and putting them to use so that they can see gas mileage improvements in their own vehicles.

A recent blog post, The Commute, describes the intention of one budding hypermiler to test out hypermiling techniques and see how he can benefit from them financially.  And in fact, to use safer driving methods to combat high gas prices, instead of using dangerous driving methods.

As long as he drives safely, more power to him.

It doesn’t hurt anything to use safe hypermiling techniques to get better gas mileage, save money, and reduce carbon emissions that harm the environment.

If you are interested in his story, his blog describes an intention to update future blog posts with his hypermiling stories and experiences.

I think it will be interesting to see how an honest hypermiler progresses in discovering new ways to improve gas mileage, without sacraficing a bit of safety.