Earache is one of the conditions that occurs more in children than adults. It usually happen when the Eustachian tubes, which lead from the throat to the middle ear, get plugged. There are various causes, which include exposure to constant loud noises, common cold, difference in pressure, extreme pressure on the ear, infection, excessive ear wax deposits, and ear-nose-throat problems.

Earache usually occurs during nighttime, and this is because it’s the time of the day when a person lies down and stops utilizing one’s throat muscles. This causes the Eustachian tubes to become congested and creates the sensation of pain.

Luckily, earache home remedies can easily be made from common ingredients found in the kitchen. Some of these remedies have been used since the time of our ancestors. Below are some of them:

Sesame Oil and garlic

Add half a clove of garlic into a teaspoon of sesame oil. Heat it up until its gets a little warm. Then let the patient suffering from earache lie on their side and pour four drops of oil in the ear. They should keep lying on their side for at least ten minutes.


Licorice is another common home remedy for earache. Take some licorice and warm it up in ghee. Mix up the two until it is pasty. Apply the mixture externally around the affected ear. After some time, you should get some relief.

Castor plant and sesame oil

Take some castor plant leaves and put them in warm sesame oil. Dab the oil around the ear. This simple earache home remedy is said to be effective.

Guggulu herb

If the earache comes with discharge of pus, then take some guggulu herb or Commiphora wightii and burn it. Extinguish it before its burns completely and let the smoke enter the ear. This helps to decrease the pain and stop pus from discharging out of the ear.

Oil of Bishop’s weed

Oil of Bishop’s weed or ajwain is said to be a good home remedy for earache. Take some of the oil and mix it with three times the amount sesame oil. Warm up the oil and then put it in the affect ear. Four drops should be enough to relieve the pain.

Linseed oil and garlic

Take four to five cloves of garlic and put them in some linseed oil. Let them burn. Then filter the oil with a strainer and store it in a glass bottle. Apply the mixture once in the morning and once in the evening on the affected ear. This is one of the earache home remedies that can be used to take the pain away.