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There are several ways in which you, as an individual, can harness the sun’s energy.  One of these is the use of a solar pool heater. This can save your household a lot of money over the years, by reducing your energy bills. Plus it helps reduce the greenhouse gas emissions which typical heating systems create in the atmosphere.

Solar pool heating systems are simple and inexpensive. Kits with unglazed plastic solar collectors are the cheapest ones around. Your pool can act as the thermal storage unit, and the pump which is used to filter the pool water can be used to circulate the water in the solar heating system. The simplest form of solar pool heater can cost as little as $100. Some states also offer financial incentives, should you install one.

But if you really want to save money, then you can try this simple yet efficient solar pool heating collector. This easy-to-build swimming pool heating project will probably cost around $1 per square foot. It will also require minimal maintenance.

For your DIY solar pool heater, you will be building a solar collector made from corrugated metal roofing, painted in dark brown. The upper side of the panel will have a CPVC pipe. The bottom of the panel will have a slotted PVC pipe.  Small holes should be drilled in the pipe, and spaced according to the grooves of the roofing sheet.

This device will be supported at the top and the bottom. You can make a simple rack out of treated lumber, with horizontal purlins that can hold the metal panel. Or you can use part of your roof as support. Keep in mind that the lower side must slope downward to collect the water after it goes through the collector. The joints of the metal sheets should be sealed with silicone, to prevent water from leaking out.

The system will work like this: The filter pump will direct the water to the CPVC pipe at the top of the panel. Then the water will be released to the collector via the small holes. The water will then trickle down the panel, and the bottom PVC pipe will collect it and return it back to the pool.

This DIY solar pool heating project can help you save money, not just from the costs of buying a similar commercially made solar pool heating kit, but from installation fees as well. It might not look as good as the commercially available kits, but it can do the job comparatively well.

If you are looking for a good way to conserve on energy or costs associated with heating your pool, but don’t want to invest in a complete commercial installation, this is one option you can try.

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