Discover the Threefold Benefits of Alkaline Stabilization

Before the age of modern indoor plumbing, people already knew the benefits of adding alkaline materials to bio waste products. The benefits of alkaline stabilization are threefold – it gets rid of potentially harmful waste materials, it enables organizations to comply with federal, state and local regulations, and it forms a beneficial byproduct. This is why alkaline is still widely used today to treat biosolids.

Untreated decomposing waste products invariably attract harmful pathogens and vectors. The damp decay is an ideal environment for bacteria to flourish. Most well known for being a base element that dissolves in water, Alkaline increases the Ph level of waste products, making them less acidic. The alkaline stabilization process also increases the temperature of waste products. Both of these conditions make it less conducive for bacteria to grow and flourish.

When speaking of sewage and waste disposal compliance issues, the elimination of bacteria is a key factor. However, the removal of bacteria also has another desired effect – it removes powerful odors from the immediate environment, which is of course, a preferable outcome. Drafts from sewage plantations are infamous for dramatically lowering the property value of otherwise prime real estate.

The stabilized end-product of alkaline treatment is ideal for use in various situations. It’s an obvious choice of fertilizer for agricultural land application. It can be used as an agricultural lime substitute or a soil amendment. Apart from agriculture, waste products can be used for mine reclamation or landfill cover.

Alkaline stabilization is not just a matter of harvesting bio-products for beneficial use; the stabilization process is much more important for compliance of environmental and public health standards. is a website owned by Synagro Technologies, Inc. Apart from alkaline stabilization, the company also offers services for facility cleanout, dewatering transportation of organic residuals and more. To enlist their help for compliance issues or clean-ups, visit or call 800-370-0035.

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    Alkaline stabilization is also a process which happens in the body. In fact, the blood ph levels are often on the acidic side, and that is why new age diets recommend more alkaline based food such a green leafy veggies. Anyhow, I know your article concerns the environment but I just thought i’d chime in.

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    I’ve heard about Alkaline Stabilization benefits several times ago. In case this will really push through, the study can be very helpful to our environment. Absolutely, a wonderful way to save our environment.

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