After drinking only a few drops of Double Helix Water per day, customers have reported astounding results for diverse conditions from chronic pain to autism. We’d like to share some of the buzz that’s being generated by this revolutionary product:

Reviews IconSwelling and Severe Pain

My 92-year-old mother had severe swelling in both feet and legs, along with excruciating pain in her right hip. I gave her the Double Helix Water and massaged her legs, feet, and hip with the rosemary cream. We were amazed to see how the swelling had gone down and the pain was greatly relieved after only a few applications!  – Carol

Symptoms of Autism

This product was recommended for my autistic son; he has been using it for a while with good results and now the whole family uses it. I really works; I saw it with my own eyes. I was at the doctor’s and they have a heat camera (thermography) so we did a little experiment. They took a picture of my son’s whole body and you could see red hot areas around the neck and parts of the head and gut. That is where he has immune system issues. Then he drank the water and, 15 min later, we took another picture; those areas had gone from red to white hot. Then half an hour later they were blue; they had cooled down. Helps his immune system stay in check.  – Susan

Chronic Pain and Sports-Related Injuries

I used to be an active martial artist, fighter, stunt man, and all-around athlete. My body was in such pain from the many years of abuse that it had gone through. It got so bad that it was even hard to simply get out of bed, from the amount of pain I had been in. I had tried everything from prescriptions to herbal remedies and acupuncture to meditation and both Eastern and Western medicines, but nothing seemed to help with the pain. One day my friend had received a bottle of Double Helix Water on his birthday from someone and, rather than take it himself, he gave it to me. I started taking it twice a day and I can’t deny its results, about 90% of all my aches and pain were gone! I highly recommend this to everyone. This is the first time I’ve said that about any product.  – Jin

Low Energy Levels

I started taking the drops regularly and noticed my energy levels and endurance increase. I ran out of the drops and noticed energy levels returning to what they had been before starting the drops. I have also given the drops to my mother who also noticed higher energy levels and almost immediate relief of sinus congestion brought on from allergies.  – Alfredo

Post-Surgery Healing

A few years ago, I had major surgery and the recovery period was extremely painful and long. For weeks I was unable to move. I had to have the same surgery again this year and I was dreading the painful healing process. However, this time, I took an entire bottle of Double Helix Water each day beginning the same day as my surgery, and within four days of my operation, I was able to move around and even return back to work! The difference in recovery between my first and second operations is incredible!  – Jen

Post-Workout Muscle Soreness and Fatigue

I work out two times a day and, since taking Double Helix Water for the past 12 weeks, I no longer experience muscle soreness or fatigue – just increased endurance, stamina, strength. My concentration and awareness have risen to a much higher level. Double Helix Water has been a great addition to my already healthy regime, and I am very happy to have been introduced to this wonderful product.  – Karen

Additional Information

So you see; you don’t have to take our word for it. Double Helix Water can make all the difference in treating every-day ailments both large and small. Order a bottle today to give it a try, or read more about how it works with the meridian system to improve your body’s biochemistry:

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