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Don’t Drive Angry

Driving when you are angry or upset can be dangerous and it can also have bad effects on your fuel consumption. As covered this this post on a Hypermiling Blog I came across, driving when you are angry can cause you to waste gas. Speeding, slamming on the brakes, and excessive start-and-stop driving, all lower […]

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Hypermiling Basics

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Hypermiling Successes

I’ve seen a few successes posted here and there on the web, written by people who have employed hypermiling techniques successfully to get better gas mileage. I will start posting some of the links I come across as I think its important for my blog readers to be able to see whether people really can […]

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Video: Hypermiling and Getting up to 85 Miles Per Gallon

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Hypermiling: Safe and Simple – Video

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Hypermiling, As Safe As Drinking Water?

Speeding car from Crestock Stock Photo There has been a lot of hallaballua on the media about hypermiling, and some controversy on whether or not it is a “safe” practice.  At this point it is beginning to appear a bit over-the-top. Is hypermiling safe? Well, the answer to that really depends on how you apply […]

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More About Hypermiling and Safety

I’ve come across some recent blog posts which give very good explanations and first-hand experience regarding some of the safety issues connected with hypermiling. I also notice that no one is really saying not to hypermile, but they are saying to hypermile safely.

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Hypermiling – Not So Scary After All?

While some rant and rave about the dangers and risks of hypermiling (referring to unsafe tactics that are used by some insane drivers), sensible and ethical hypermilers continue going calmly about their work to get better gas mileage.

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