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I’ve come across some recent blog posts which give very good explanations and first-hand experience regarding some of the safety issues connected with hypermiling.  I also notice that no one is really saying not to hypermile, but they are saying to hypermile safely.

Unfortunately, even some of the hypermiling techniques advocated on Wayne Gerdes’ forum (Wayne Gerdes is considered the father of hypermiling and is the original source of the term) are not safe.

While many hypermiling techniques are not only safe but have no risks whatsoever associated with them.

The following posts give some information on dangerous and safe hypermiling techniques.

7gens This blogger describes some of his experiences with hypermiling techniques which actually turned out to be a bit too risky to be worth the small gas mileage improvements that might (or might not) have been obtained through using them.

I Heart Chaos Here’s a sarcastic no-holds barred expression of views on unsafe (or annoying) hypermiling techniques.  What I like about this post is the fact that this blogger explains quite well why certain hypermiling techniques are dangerous and simply not worth the risk.  Though he himself does recommend the use safe hypermiling techniques to get better gas mileage, such as using the ScanGauge II (an increasingly popular device to help you keep track of your gas mileage).