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Aromatherapy case studies

True aromatherapy case studies according to a scientific definition are not easily acquired. Many of the practitioners are not trained in scientific methods and therefore don’t know how to describe the results of treatment in such a way as would allow it to become the basis for a true scientific evaluation of some particular treatment […]

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Aromatherapy bases

Aromatherapy bases are popular with people who want to be able to add their own essential oils to a product without the extra effort of preparing a base. They are the usually unscented products or lightly scented which can be the foundation and volume for various aromatherapy applications. Aromatherapy bases can be used as creams, […]

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Aromatherapy soap

Aromatherapy soap is one of the most effective uses of aromatherapy products for you personally and for your home. Hard soap impregnated with aromatherapy essential oils provides a therapy session in your bathroom. You can leave a grouping of small bars in a guest bathroom or powder room for the benefit of your guests. A […]

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What is Aloe Vera?

The plant Aloe, which is a native species of Africa, has been used for several years as a medicinal plant. Aloe Vera is derived from a species of Aloe plant that also grows in Africa. You will find Aloe Vera is has green, thick leaves with a yellow tubular carapace that grows off the leaves. […]

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Nettle is used to support and strengthen the whole body, and this makes it a tonic. It contains high amounts of minerals, such as iron, potassium and silicon, and is high in Vitamin A and C. This makes it a nutritive. It has been used through the ages to treat anemia, debility, weakness and to […]

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Horsetail is probably the most abundant source of silicon among plants. One practical use of the herb is for polishing pewter, which contains tin and lead. In the field of herbology, horsetail acts as a mild diuretic and astringent for the genito-urinary tract. The astringency makes it invaluable in cases of incontinence and bed-wetting. It […]

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