Everyone should do his/her part to reduce the amount of carbon gas emission in the air. Even though the world leaders didn’t have a stellar performance at last December’s Summit in Copenhagen, the average citizen of the world can do something to help the planet. Here are five ways to make your house greener.


The most effective way of keeping your house warmer in winter is not by increasing the thermostat; rather, it is by properly insulating your home. That way you’ll save energy and reduce the amount of emissions produced by your house. Start from the top, which means the attic if you have one, because hot air rises and 15% of the home’s heat escapes through the roof. If you have cavity walls, fill them up with foam or glass wool. Lastly, insulate your windows and doors as well. DIY insulation kits are available in most home improvement and hardware stores.

Utilize the power of the sun

There are several DIY articles on this website that can help you build your own photovoltaic solar power system in your home. The initial cost might be high, but it will pay for itself in the long run. If your budget doesn’t allow for this, you can opt for a solar water heating system. This can provide your house with hot water throughout the year.

Conserve water

There are faucets and shower heads that use less water compared to typical models. Not only will you be conserving water by installing one of these, you’ll also be saving money from heating (and, in some areas, pumping). In a year’s time a family of four can save at least 30,000 liters of water. To save more water, replace your old lavatory with a water-saving model. There are DIY kits that can convert your existing toilet into a low-flush model. Some say that the simplest way to do so is to place a brick in the water tank.

Replace your light bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs use more energy than energy-efficient bulbs. Not only that, but they also last longer; however, low-energy light bulbs cost more than the incandescent ones, so the initial investment will be higher.  There are various energy-efficient light bulbs available in most hardware stores and home improvement stores.

Use a condensing boiler

Replace your boiler with a condensing one. I doesn’t matter if it is powered by electricity, gas or oil as long as it’s a condensing model. There are places where you can trade-in your old one with a more energy-efficient model.