Alternative energy can be used in our homes to replace the typical electrical energy sources. There are tools and home improvement items available in the market today powered by renewable energy sources. Some of the useful things running on alternative energy that that you should have in your home are listed below.

Sunforce 52022 5 Watt Solar Trickle Charger – Pack of 2

The Sunforce 5 Watt Solar Trickle Charger is used to maintain 12 volt batteries. This is ideal to maintain the 12 volt batteries for your RVs, cars, ATVs, tractors, deer feeders, boats, electric fences, and more! The solar panels are weatherproof and can be used indoors or outdoors. The solar panels have a blocking diode to prevent the battery from discharging when the sun is out. This makes battery maintenance worry-free and can easily be installed when needed.

Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Generator

Sunforce doesn’t just make solar panels these days. The company also has a 400-watt Wind Generator in its lineup. This item can generate wind power that can be utilized to run electronics and appliances. It is constructed by using weatherproof, lightweight cast aluminum. It has a built-in regulator that will shut down the system once the batteries are fully charged.

Smart Solar Smart Vent 100

Smart Solar Vent is a solar power ventilator that helps decrease condensation in your home. You wouldn’t even notice if the ventilator was working because it is quiet. The Smart Solar Vent has a clear cowl that helps clear out hot air from the surrounding area. You can install it easily, and no wiring is required.

Torino Stainless Steel Solar Garden Light

The Torino Stainless Steel Solar Garden Light is the perfect solution to light up your garden at night. It is easy to install and no assembling is needed. It features Infinity Maxi Plus solar cells with two white super bright LEDs. This Solar Garden Light has a manual power switch. If switched on, the Garden Lights will automatically turn on at dusk. It also has a shatterproof glass that adds to the aesthetic value of the garden lights, while protecting the insides from the forces of nature at the same time.

Solar Security Light

Solar Security Light is the perfect solution to light up a certain area of your property where there are no electrical outlets available. It features a high-powered solar panel that charges in any daylight conditions. It has super bright floodlights that have a 16-foot range. You can install this light and turn it on within minutes of taking it out of the box. It also comes with a two-year limited warranty.