Before the arrival of modern medicine, salt was already in use as a curative for various illnesses. Himalayan salt, for example, has several health benefits and is a natural detoxifier.


Sole, also known as the ‘soup of life,’ is the mixture of water and crystal salt. Sole is a German word that comes from the Latin sol, which means sun.

It is believed by some that this brine solution is the fluid state of the sun, and that balance can be achieved by ingesting a Himalayan salt mixture. The belief is that the person would feel refreshed as the sole can restore lost energy, especially when one is sick.

Instructions for Use

Making your own sole is easy. The first step is to place several Himalayan salt crystals in a glass. Then, fill the glass with spring water and once the crystals are dissolved completely, you can add more crystals. The brine solution is ready when the water can no longer dissolve the crystals – when you can see crystals at the bottom of the glass. Finally, mix one teaspoon of brine solution with 250ml of water every morning before eating breakfast.

The Himalayan salt solution has a detoxifying effect on the body, which helps skin to absorb minerals easily. There are other uses of the salt mixture as a natural home remedy for the body.

Treatments and Applications

  1. Himalayan salt, or sole, can be used for dental hygiene. Use undiluted brine when brushing teeth, or use it as mouthwash. This solution can help prevent bad breath and bleeding gums.
  2. A sore throat can be relieved with the salt solution. Gargle a warm Himalayan salt solution to treat a sore throat, but don’t swallow it.
  3. In case of an ear infection, use sole as eardrops to help cure the infection.
  4. For people suffering from acne, Himalayan salt can be used as facial wash to improve it. Just mix the salt with a fragrance-free soap and use it as face or body wash on affected areas.
  5. It is effective in killing foot fungus. Just soak the feet in the brine solution.
  6. Himalayan salt solution can also be used for psoriasis. Get the brine solution and rub it into the affected area of the skin. Let the solution dry.
  7. Some say Himalayan salt has balancing properties that can help prevent motion sickness when the salt is placed in a pouch and worn around the neck. It is said that the salt solution can help maintain a balanced PH factor within the body.
  8. Finally, replace regular table salt with Himalayan salt to avoid some of the toxins normally associated with other white salts, and to incorporate the benefits of Himalayan salts into your daily life.