Political discord surrounding human embryonic research has brought human stem cells into the public eye. While human stem cells can be used for medical benefits, the potential uses of plant stem cells are only just being realized.

Closeup of leafFormative Cells in Plants

Like those found in human embryos, stem cells in plants are formative cells that have the potential to grow into many different types of cells, depending on external stimuli. These special cells are found in certain parts of almost any plant. Once extracted, they can be combined with other natural ingredients to form powerful restorative and protective skin products. Some skin benefits that have been recorded from the use of stem cell products include:

  • Increased production of skin cells
  • Protection from environmental damage
  • Less cell damage and breakdown over time
  • Longer lifetime of skin cells
  • Increased production of collagen
  • Improved skin hydration
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Reduced signs of aging

Effectiveness of Certain Plants

Some plants prove more effective than others when used in skin and hair products. These plant tissues provide other therapeutic qualities in addition to the benefits of their stem cells. A few of the plants that have been shown to improve the quality of skin and hair include:

  1. Gotu kola: Products containing gotu kola stem cells can fight the signs of aging by helping the skin to retain the balance of hyaluronic acid, hydration, and elasticity. The gotu kola plant has been used for medical and cosmetic purposes for thousands of years. 
  2. Echinacea: Products containing echinacea stem cells can help to increase the production of collagen, as well as the regeneration of both skin cells and hair follicles.
  3. Argan tree: Products containing argan stem cells can have an effect on human dermal stem cells, improving their production and regeneration. Argan tissue has also been shown to improve the quality and retention of human hair.

Additional Resources

Try to steer away from harsh chemicals in your skin and hair products; they may be doing more long-term damage than you know. Look for products that are derived from plants and vegetables for healthy and long-lasting benefits. If you’d like to provide your skin and hair with the restorative effects of plant stem cells, check out Living Clean’s line of all-natural plant products by Acure Organics. Read more about cosmetic ingredients in our Skincare Ingredients Knowledge Base:

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