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Tools and Home Improvement Items Powered by Alternative Energy

Alternative energy can be used in our homes to replace the typical electrical energy sources. There are tools and home improvement items available in the market today powered by renewable energy sources. Some of the useful things running on alternative energy that that you should have in your home are listed below. Sunforce 52022 5 […]

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Photovoltaic Cells

As the world advances, new technologies arise – or, in some cases, older technologies are exhumed and improved upon. Although most people are under the impression that the field of photovoltaics is a new subject, based on recent invention, this is not actually the case. But first of all lets take a look at what […]

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Solar Cells

A “solar cell” is a device which changes sunlight into electricity. More technically, a solar cell is also referred to as a “photovoltaic cell.” The term “photo” derives from the Greek word for “light,” and the term “voltaic” comes from the word “volt” which means “electrical force.” A “cell” is a small receptacle or container […]

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Solar Chargers & Clean Energy

While solar battery chargers have existed for decades, it is only in the past few years that their popularity seriously increased.  In part, this is because of advancements in technology.  It is also a result of our increased awareness of our need to shift to cleaner energy sources. Advancements in technology have reduced the sizes […]

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