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Renewable Energy Technologies

In many countries today, quite a lot is being said about harnessing renewable energy technologies – particularly in light of the rising oil prices. But some people might still be wondering exactly what renewable energy is. Renewable energy is power which has been generated from renewable resources – in other words, it does not “run […]

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The Advantages of Biofuels

Oil prices have a great impact on everyone.  Every time there’s an increase, people feel it, even if they don’t drive a car.  Some suggest we use biofuel to lessen the impact of the rising fuel costs. But what is biofuel, and how does it differ from fossil fuel? Biofuel is produced from recycled elements […]

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Converting a Car to Biodiesel

A car running on biodiesel can save a lot of gas for its owner. Not only that, but this alternative fuel emits less carbon dioxide, making it more environmentally friendly than an engine which runs on conventional fossil fuel. A regular car, running with a diesel engine, can run on biodiesel, which is a non-petroleum […]

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Understanding Biodiesel Filters

Biodiesel fuel has been gaining some attention as a worthy alternative to petroleum fuel for some time now.  But the actual procedure in processing the biodiesel can be risky as it can considerably damage your engine or any machinery that is associated with the biodiesel usage unless there is proper filtering. This is the primary […]

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Oil and its alternatives, such as biodiesel, are continuously in the news.  When oil prices go up, it seems that everyone is affected.  Many countries’ economies depend on oil.  And this is one reason why people are looking for a cleaner and cheaper alternatives to our conventional fossil fuels. One of these alternative forms of […]

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