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Thin Film Solar Panels

What are thin film solar panels, and what could possibly be so exciting about them? Thin film solar panels operate in the same manner that regular solar panels do, the only difference being that they are a lot thinner and require far less materials and energy for construction. This might not sound extremely spectacular, but […]

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DIY Heliostat Sun Tracker Solar Power Fresnel Lens

HELIOSTAT SUN TRACKER SOLAR POWER FRESNEL LENS GREEN ENERGY This is our first attempt at a useable Heliostat for our Fresnel Lenses. In future videos I will have all the information for a DIY system using very easy to find materials. We are developing a controller that is simple to program and can control any […]

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Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water heating systems are an effective way of conserving energy and reducing your energy bill. Contrary to popular belief, solar water heating is not a new technology. Solar water heating systems have been used commercially for over a century now, with the first commercial water heater (the Climax Solar-Water Heater) going on sale […]

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