There are various pros of using alternative energy. This type of clean and green energy has a minimal negative impact to our planet compared to the effects of fossil fuels. Some of the best sustainable sources of energy include sunlight, flowing water, and wind, along with biological and geothermal processes.

Alternative energy is a great sustainable energy source. Unlike fossil fuels that are reaching their limits and will eventually dry up, alternative energy sources are available everywhere. Everyone can gain access to them with the proper equipment. There are several kits in the market that can help homeowners harness renewable energy sources in their homes.

Using alternative energy also decreases one’s carbon footprint by emitting less carbon into the atmosphere. The initial investment for the system may not be cheap, but it will eventually pay for itself in the long run. Plus, the earth would be a much cleaner place for everyone.

According to the first law of thermodynamics, the total amount of energy on the planet is constant. The second law states that once energy is used, it becomes less readily available. This is what is referred to as entropy, otherwise known as the slow winding down of usable energy. Burning fossil fuel is a high entropy process, seeing as when fuel is burned, this process emits gases, some of which are dangerous to the environment.

Using alternative energy is a low entropy process because it is merely tapping into a natural flow of energy. Sunlight, moving water, wind, geothermal, and biological processes are all natural occurrences that can be used to generate energy.

This type of energy is renewable because it remains available at the same level and doesn’t deplete at all. It is a low entropy way of utilizing energy, as it never runs out.

Alternative energy systems require less maintenance than the traditional generators. Plus, the energy source comes from nature, which equates to lower costs in the operation. Communities will also benefit financially from such projects.

To use alternative energy, people should practice smart living. This requires a sense of responsibility towards the environment and others, along with a bit of creativity. Through small changes in just the daily routine, people can make a big difference in conserving the planet for future generations.

Still, one of the disadvantages of alternative energy is that it is difficult to generate large quantities of energy compared to the traditional energy sources of the same size. That means in order generate a certain amount of energy, alternative energy plants would take up more space than conventional power plants. However, as technology improves in the future, this problem is sure to be tackled and solved.