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Video Introduction to Double Helix Water

This video introduction describes the discovery of Double Helix Water, or stable water clusters, and the physical makeup that makes it unique. The sheer history and research behind this scientific breakthrough is astounding.

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Video: Why is it Called Double Helix Water?

Founder of D&Y Laboratories David Gann discusses why stable water clusters are called Double Helix Water, and explains their physiological makeup.

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Video: Double Helix Water and its Relation to the Meridian System

The ancient Chinese meridian system may actually be made up of electricity and energy currents that run through the body. David Gann explains this theory and how Double Helix Water might have some effect on this meridian system.

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David L. Gann

Double Helix Water Video: Self Healing and DNA

DNA is your body’s blueprint, from physical appearance to disease immunity. David Gann speaks about the changes that are happening in today’s society and how these changes might be weakening genetic code over time. Something as pure and primal as Double Helix Water could be just the thing to cleanse the human body on a […]

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Double Helix Water Explained

Several people have asked me to write a simple explanation of Double-Helix Water. The question is normally along the lines of “Can’t you just write something simple? We just want to know what’s in it and how it works.”

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