Dr Clark’s GREEN Black Walnut Hull Tincture – 4 oz – Extra Strength


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Tincture of the green hulls of black walnuts, extra strength,  in a 4 oz. bottle, with dropper included.

  • 4 fl. oz. Extra Strength
  • High Juglone Content*
  • Tincture always arrives GREEN
  • Supports Healthy Intestinal Environment*

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Black walnut hull tincture is traditionally used to nutritionally support the normal cleansing of the body of waste materials and to create an environment unfriendly to parasites.


  • 4 fl. oz. Extra Strength
  • High Juglone Content*
  • Tincture always arrives GREEN
  • Supports Healthy Intestinal Environment*
  • Free from manufacturing agents, coatings, colorings, binders, release agents and so forth.
  • No Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Dioxides, Sulfates, Starch, Soy, Nuts, Milk.
  • Manufactured by Dr. Clark Store in accordance with cGMP and Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocols.


Why Green?

Green Black Walnut Hull Tincture gets its name from the fact that the black walnuts are harvested from the tree while their hulls are still green. This is important because green hulls contain up to ten times the amount of juglone as do the hulls that are not still green. Juglone is an essential ingredient in the tincture. Dr. Hulda Clark always placed great emphasis on the importance of black walnut hull tincture being green at the time of consumption.*

Extra Strength

This black walnut hull tincture is fresh and extra strength, containing double the amount of black walnut hull found in regular strength tinctures. The ratio to hulls to grain alcohol used during production is 1 part hulls to 0.68 parts 40% grain alcohol – more hulls than liquid.


Each bottle of Green Black Walnut Hull Tincture is filled to the brim, allowing minimum exposure to the air for maximum freshness.  Also, these are not packaged with a rubber dropper that can contaminate the tincture. A separate plastic dropper is included, and it is not designed to be stored in the bottle.

Dr. Clark’s intensive testing protocols ensure that each herb and ingredient is absolutely pure and free of additives.

Additional information

Weight 8.3 oz

Suggested Use: Always start with 1 drop, increasing dose by 1 drop per day for 5 days. Adults and children 12 or more years of age, up to 2 teaspoons one time a day as a supplement, or as directed by a healthcare professional.


Green black walnut hulls (Juglans nigra) Water Grain alcohol


Refrigerate and use within 6 weeks.

Net Weight

4 fluid ounces

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Do not take during pregnancy or lactation. Keep away from children.

Safety Information / Warnings

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