Dr. Clark Purity Kidney Cleanse Kit


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  • 21-day cleanse
  • Comes with easy-to-follow directions
  • Powerful synergistic system
  • Naturally detoxes and renews*
  • Helps maintain proper kidney function*
  • Increases urine flow*
  • Nurtures your kidneys*
  • Manufactured by Dr. Clark Store Inc.


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Why Cleanse Your Kidneys?

We live in a toxic world. Every day harmful chemicals such as Malathion, butyl acetate, livestock hormones and nitrous oxide are polluting our bodies. If your kidneys did not remove these wastes, toxins would build up in the blood and damage your body. In this toxic world, it is easy for your kidneys to become overwhelmed and weakened due to exposure to common pollutants and invasive microorganisms. Kidney stones, an accumulation of mineral salt, can lodge anywhere in the urinary tract and kidneys, preventing a natural flow.*

How Do the Kidneys Work?

The kidneys are sophisticated processing machines.  Since the kidneys are essentially filters, it makes good sense to clean these filters with a periodic kidney cleanse. A proper diet, as well as a periodic kidney cleanse, is essential to the health of the kidneys. Unlike the liver, the kidneys do not regenerate themselves.*

Product Benefits

Dr. Clark Purity Kidney Cleanse Kit contains a synergistic blend of five natural herbs: hydrangea root, marshmallow root, gravel root, and uva ursi leaf. When several different complementary herbs are combined, the effectiveness of each ingredient is enhanced. This cleanse also contains Vitamin B6 and magnesium oxide to help you maintain your healthy kidneys, and freeze-dried parsley to help flush out toxins by increasing urine flow.*

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Follow the Kidney Cleanse directions included with this kit.


Kit Items (6 total) Dietary Supplements: Kidney Support Tea (Hydrangea, Marshmallow Root, Gravel Root), Ginger Root Capsules (Ginger Root, gelatin), Uva Ursi Capsules (Uva Ursi, gelatin), Freeze Dried Parsley Capsules (Freeze Dried Parsley, gelatin), Vitamin B6 Capsules (Vitamin B6, gelatin), Magnesium Oxide Capsules (Magnesium Oxide, gelatin)

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