• - Serving size - 5 drops - Servings per bottle - about 150 - Dietary Supplement / Food Supplement - Convenient squeeze bottle - Manufactured under Dr. Hulda Clark's strict protocols
  • - Digestive aid and colon cleanse recommended by Dr. Hulda Clark* - Contains all the ingredients needed, with the exception of fresh parsley - Assists with occasional constipation, indigestion, and heartburn* - Manufactured under Dr. Hulda Clark's strict purity protocols
  • Goldenseal Tincture

    Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) is known for combating colds and flu, as well as soothing inflamed skin, eyes, throat, and mucous membranes.* It also increases bile flow and digestive enzymes and thus may improve the health of the liver and spleen.* This single herb tincture, available in many sizes, is bottled in amber glass. One, two, and four-ounce sizes include a glass dropper.
  • Ginger Tincture

    Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is an extremely versatile herb. It has the reputation of being anti-inflammatory, aiding digestion, preventing nausea, increasing circulation, fighting infections such as colds or flu, relieving headaches, and more.* To top it off, it is delicious! This tincture is bottled in amber glass and available in many sizes. The one-, two-, and four-ounce bottles each include a glass dropper.
  • To assist the body's cleansing process. Designed with busy people and travelers in mind, as well as people who generally dislike the taste of tea!  
  • This is a super strong cleanse from the same formulator that brought us Royal Tea. Contains 4 tea bags and 8 capsules.  
  • Plankton Silica Solution, a safe alternative treatment for Candida, parasites and worms
  • Aussie Dophilus Label Aussie Dophilus
    Not all probiotic supplements live up to expectations. Aussie Dophilus probiotic, however,  was manufactured to Dr. Jeffrey L. Marrongelle’s high standards and really does, “make you feel good down under.”
  • Derived from the papaya fruit, papain acts as a digestive aid to help break down protein and fibers, such as tough meat fibers.
  • -Pure sodium bicarbonate -Manufactured under Dr. Hulda Clark's strict protocols -Dietary Supplement / Food Supplement -96 servings per container, when used as a digestive aid -Made in the U.S.A.
  • - Dietary Supplement / Food Supplement - Cascara sagrada is traditionally used to help with occasional constipation* - Serving size: 1 capsule - Manufactured under Dr. Hulda Clark's strict purity protocols - Part of the Dr. Clark Bowel/Colon Cleanse
  • Fennel seed is traditionally used as an herbal digestive aid* This herb is part of the Dr Clark bowel cleanse. Manufactured under Dr. Hulda Clark's strict purity protocols