Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), 965 mg, 60 Capsules


Epsom salts are crystals of magnesium sulfate, used in this capsule form as an occasional laxative or as a part of a liver and gallbladder cleanse.*


Product Description

Epsom salts are crystals of magnesium sulfate. They were discovered in the waters of natural springs (called Epsom) in Surrey, England. This form of magnesium is often used as a relaxing bath soak to aid sore muscles, but in its bulk form.

Capsules of epsom salt are designed for use as a laxative, such as in the Hulda Clark liver and gallbladder cleanse, enabling you to take the salts without the bitter taste. They may also be used for occasional constipation, but should not be relied upon for chronic constipation.*

What Magnesium Does

  • The laxative action of magnesium is to relax and dilate the gallbladder, thereby facilitating the release of gallstones with the aid of the olive oil included in a liver and gallbladder cleanse.*
  • Magnesium also enables the absorption of calcium.*
  • It contributes to the health of the nervous system.*
  • Magnesium regulates enzymes to assist in many bodily functions.*
  • It also regulates heart beat.*
  • Finally, magnesium helps maintain normal blood pressure.*

What Sulfate Does

  • The laxative action of sulfate is to increase the amount of water in the digestive tract, thus aiding elimination.*
  • Sulfate also aids digestion, improving the absorption of nutrients.*


Other Reading

Dr. Clark Research Association Purity Testing

Additional Information

Directions / Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, 1 capsule, or as directed by your health practitioner. As a laxative, as needed. As part of the Dr. Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse and Flush, follow Dr. Clark’s instructions.


Magnesium sulfate, gelatin capsules


Store in a dry, cool place., Keep out of the reach of children.

Product Attributes

No Magnesium Stearate, No Flow Agents, No Additives, Chemically Pure, Solvent Free, Made in the USA, Gluten Free, No fillers, binders, additives, or flow agents, Tested Pure


Dr. Clark Research Association



Safety Information / Warnings

If pregnant or lactating, or under treatment for a medical condition, consult your physician before use., If you are taking medications, we advise you to check with your physician or pharmacist prior to using our products. You might also search the Internet for: “interaction with medications, supplements”, We advise that you do personal research and consult with your health care professional, especially if you are pregnant/lactating or have any history of liver, gall bladder or gastrointestinal problems


If renal insufficiency is present, consult your physician before taking magnesium supplements.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


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