• -Pure sodium bicarbonate -Manufactured under Dr. Hulda Clark's strict protocols -Dietary Supplement / Food Supplement -96 servings per container, when used as a digestive aid -Made in the U.S.A.
  • Lavender Coconut Deodorant Back Coconut Oil Deodorant
    A natural deodorant that prevents odor and smells great, but contains no aluminum or parabens or synthetic chemicals. It is naturally scented with your choice of lavender or cedarwood oil.
  • Odor controlling formula includes naturally anti-microbial tallow and essential oils.
    • One of the naturally occurring oils in tallow (palmitoleic acid) has antimicrobial properties that fight odor-causing bacteria.
    • The added essential oils increase the odor protection.
  • Tallow Balm Minis

    Mini Tallow Balms provide an opportunity to find out which you like best. These tiny glass jars hold 1/4 oz. The whole food of skin care. A little goes a long way!

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