If you’ve ever experienced acupuncture or other Eastern medicine techniques, you’ve probably heard about the meridian system and its acupoints (acupuncture points). Perhaps you assumed these theories were abstract ideas stemming from Eastern philosophy, but the truth is, scientists are finding more and more evidence that the meridian system can be detected physically, using scientific methods.

AcupuncturePhysical Properties of Meridians

With highly-sensitive instruments, several physical properties of meridian pathways have been observed:

  • Meridians have been shown to conduct electricity better than surrounding tissues.
  • They appear to have a polarized charge.
  • They sometimes show a rise in temperature when corresponding organs or body parts are impaired.

Physical Properties of Acupuncture Points

  • Acupuncture points tend to exhibit a negative or positive electrical charge, as opposed to other points of the skin which have no charge.
  • They display a higher conductivity than surrounding tissues.
  • They sometimes exhibit a higher or lower temperature than surrounding skin.
  • When stimulated, acupoints can cause a change in temperature within corresponding meridian pathways and organs.


Many of the factors above support a theory by researchers at D&Y Laboratories; the theory proposes that meridian pathways are made up of stable water clusters (Double Helix Water). Years of research indicate that this ultra-pure phase of water exhibits the same properties as meridians: a polarized charge, superconductivity, and an effect on the temperature of the human body. This would also explain why meridians have never been seen by the naked eye – because water clusters would not be visibly discernible within human tissues.

Therapeutic Applications

According to meridian theory, disease or sickness in the human body can disrupt the flow of qi, or life energy. Since unhealthy conditions prompt a rise in body temperature, infrared technology can be used to highlight ailing parts of the body. For this reason, researchers at D&Y Laboratories have used infrared imaging to test their theories on the meridian system.

Thermal images reveal that holistic remedies like acupuncture or stable water clusters tend to lower body temperatures, especially in areas that are specifically targeted.

Effects of Double Helix Water on Acupoints

To test this theory, researchers used infrared cameras to record the effects of Double Helix Water consumption. The image on the left shows two arms affected by arthritis, glowing hot red and orange in the most painful areas. Within thirty minutes of drinking stable water clusters, the arms have cooled to green and blue in the infrared scale. This and other similar images suggest that Double Helix Water has a positive and healthy effect on the meridian system, improving the flow of qi.

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