• Use this refreshing spray on clean skin in the morning, at night, and throughout the day, for a cooling and restorative boost. Enjoy the fragrance of 100% natural Bulgarian rose, powered by Double Helix Water. Let your skin feel rejuvenated! Years of research has revealed that Double Helix Water® provides therapeutic benefits and has unmatched hydrating qualities.
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    Double Helix Water Water
    Package includes:
    • 3 Bottles of Double Helix Water®
    • 1 Bottle of Double Helix Rose Water Facial Spray Mist with Stable Water Clusters
    • 1 Jar of Double Helix Water Face & Eye Cream (formerly Double Helix Cream)
    • 1 Double Helix Water® Booklet Digital Download
    • 1 Rehydration Protocol Digital Download
  • Throat Saver Herbal Spray - special formula, powered by Stable Water Clusters.

    Package includes 6 pack of Throat Saver Minis. Golden Lotus Herbal Spray is powered by stable water clusters, the recently-discovered phase of water that exhibits therapeutic benefits similar to those of acupuncture. Studies suggest that stable water clusters could be the very substance that meridian pathways are made of. This formula combines the classical Chinese herbal formulas Yin Qiao Tang & Gan Mao Ling with the classical Western naturopathic H.E.M.P. (Hydrastis, Echinacea, Lomatium, Phytollaca & Myrrh) Formula in a base of glycerine and Xylitol. These Classical herbal formulas have been clinically used by health care providers in supporting the symptomatic relief of sore throats & throat irritations predominantly associated with external pathogenic influences. Sweetened with Xylitol.
  • Throat Saver Spray Throat Saver Mini
    Throat Saver Herbal Spray - special formula, powered by Stable Water Clusters.. Mini spray size.
  • Organic Lozenges individual pieces
    Package includes: Half-Kilo Organic Lung and Throat Herbal Drops (Peppermint Flavor) with 3 Throat Saver Minis 3 Throat Saver Herbal Spray Minis - special formula, powered by Double Helix Water®    
  • Promotes mobility and flexibility. -Spray on muscles, tendons, and joints before work or exercise. -2 fluid oz. spray bottle
  • Keep your baby’s skin soft, healthy, squeezable, and kissable! With the tiniest bit of gentle cleanser, a drop of soothing essential oils, and the use of a patented hydro-nano-technology, this is a soothing and comforting cleansing spritz to clean up the stickiest of hands and dirtiest of heinies.