by Helder Luis

Water is the most simple element, and at the same time one of the more important elements, that we consume into our body. It is vital to everything our body does, it is fundamental to every function, and it is the most relevant element to life. One simple example of this is the fact that you can go without eating for some time, but you don’t last more than two or three days without water.

Water is fundamental to keeping your metabolism working well.  It’s an important medicine, and so simple. Water has the power to cure some infections and inflammations, such as those in our kidneys, and in our urinary tract. It helps to keep blood pressure regulated, and it lowers the blood pressure if it’s too high. When you drink a lot of water, your body will be in “flush mode” and excess sodium will be expelled from your body.  This gives your blood pressure low-to-normal values.

Water helps to stimulate your immune system, and it’s very important for increasing your body’s circulation. It gives your skin a good health and good looks.

Water is one of the most powerful and natural ways to detox the body.  It helps to remove very dangerous toxins – which we get from the environment, from food, from chemical products we use (especially in our hygiene products).  Our metabolism also produces toxic wastes due to biochemical functions and even breathing.  Those wastes stay in our body unless you drink enough water to expel those toxins from the body.  The toxins are expelled in sweat and in urine, and in both of these cases, water is fundamental.

Water has also healing properties.  The use of thermal waters, and other types of hydrotherapy, are very common and get very good results for many different problems; from breathing problems, to muscle injuries, and so many others. A good example is use of sea water.  If you have sinusitis problems, when you bathe yourself in the ocean, you feel very relieved.  That “junk” you got just goes out, you start breathing better, headaches go away, and you spend a summer with no problems if you go to the beach often.

As you can see, water is not only fundamental to life, but it is also very important in giving us good health and a good quality of life in almost every way. Water expels toxins, makes everything in our body function better, heals many different problems, and is also very pleasant.

I love to drink water, I love to relax on water, taking a nice bath. I Love the ocean in every way. The simple fact of looking at the ocean and smelling it makes me feel relaxed and energized.

Water is a fantastic thing.

Drink at least two to three litres of water every day. Just make sure the water is of good quality, and that you check often the test results of the water in your city. Don’t drink water from places that you’re not sure are safe and good quality. When in doubt, it’s best to drink bottled water from brands you can trust.

Be healthy.  Drink water!

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