Buzzworthy: Read What People Say About Double Helix Water

After drinking only a few drops of Double Helix Water per day, customers have reported astounding results for diverse conditions from chronic pain to autism. We'd like to share some of the buzz that's being generated by this revolutionary product.

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Double Helix Water® – New Bottles and Higher Concentration

Announcing the arrival of the most potent and concentrated formulation of Double Helix Water® to date, in new easy-to-use dropper bottles. This product is called concentrated because each of the new bottles contains 37% more Stable Water Clusters, more than a third more! So - however long each bottle of Double Helix Water® lasts you now - you can count on it lasting much longer.

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What is in Double Helix Water Face & Eye Cream?

By far the most important ingredient in Double Helix Water® Face & Eye Cream is the Double Helix Water® ! The cream itself is specially formulated for the skin of the eyes and face and may be used on normal, dry, combination, or mature skin. It is ideal for softening skin and wrinkles, moisturizing, stimulating collagen production, soothing damage, and protecting skin from the sun.

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