Organic Produce and Your Budget

Not too many people would actually turn down organic fruits and vegetables, saying they would rather have the kind produced at factory farms and hosed down with pesticides. No, that’s not the issue. Price is. The most important fruits and vegetables to buy or grow organic are the most toxic ones, the Dirty Dozen.

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Growing Potted Plants

Growing plants indoors can be an enjoyable hobby, but it will require some time and commitment, and you will need to know the proper soil, lighting and temperature for the plant you wish to grow. There are also several various ways of growing pot plants.

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Seven Fall and Winter Organic Skin Care Tips

Fall and winter are the harshest times of the year for our skin. During these seasons, the skin needs extra care to keep it moisturized. To help you keep your skin healthy and radiant through the holiday season, here are a few fall and winter organic skin care tips, to help you welcome the New Year feeling and looking good.

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Environmentally Friendly Shoes

If you’re in the market for new footwear, why not try environmentally friendly shoes. From sneakers, to flats, to heels, there’s likely to be one that’s just right for your liking. You don’t need to give up style and comfort in order to become a friend of the Earth.

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Types of Eco Clothing

Many smart shoppers are talking about eco-clothing these days. People are becoming increasingly aware of materials used in the products they buy, and how they are manufactured. Designers are looking for ways to incorporate materials from sustainable resources. Eco-clothing lines are those which are designed in such a way as to maintain harmony with nature.

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Natural Solutions for Beautiful Skin

Before you put on your make-up in the morning, consider this: A woman may ingest around 4 pounds of lipstick over the course of her life. Skin is one of the most absorbent surfaces on the body, and the average woman slathers on product after product to achieve younger looking, more radiant skin without thinking about the ingredients.

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