Need a Brain Boost? Meet Nature’s Secret Weapon Against Stress and Fatigue

Stress does a number on the human body. At first, the emotional and physiological responses to stress can be a good thing, boosting one's energy and focus for the task at hand. Chronic stress, however, has a range of dangerous effects that can lead to illness and disease. One of your body's natural soothers is a particular amino acid, and in times of stress and fatigue, it's absolutely vital that you're producing enough of it.

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How to Fight Depression with Good Nutrition

Depression can often be linked to a weakness in the brain or other components of the nervous system. Instead of sticking a potentially-harmful band-aid on the problem (like psychiatric drugs), holistic practitioners encourage depressed patients to first look at their overall health, diet, and lifestyle. More and more studies are showing that nutritional deficiencies could play a large role in preventing depression.

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