Supplementing 101: Calcium May Be Detrimental Without the Right Mineral Balance

Especially for women, our mothers and their mothers before them instructed us to take calcium supplements for bone health, reproductive health, and health in general. But are your calcium supplements being absorbed properly? If not, they may be more detrimental than beneficial. The key is balance.

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Why We Like to Eat Rocks

Minerals we consume in our daily diet aren't actually rocks, but some of them are not that different from "rocks" in a technical sense! Minerals are inorganic elements that occur naturally in our environment. A rock, on the other hand, is often a combination of multiple minerals that have been crystallized and compressed over time. The minerals that we eat have been converted into a bio-available form by plants, making it possible for us to digest and absorb them.

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Promote Bone and Heart Health with Magnesium Supplements

Some minerals are well-known for their health benefits; everyone seems to know, for instance, that calcium is good for the bones and that human blood is rich in iron. One mineral, however, is often overlooked - magnesium. Not only does this mineral play a vital role in the human body on its own; it also helps other nutrients perform better.

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