Anti-Stress Herbs: Maca Root

Native to the high Andes Mountains throughout Peru and Bolivia, Maca root has been used by local herbalists for centuries to treat various conditions from anemia to depression, infertility, and fatigue. Once again, ancient herbal knowledge has revealed a remarkably effective remedy that has been largely forgotten in modern medicine. The adaptogen has been shown to curb the effects of stress and increase energy, stamina, hormonal stability, and libido.

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The Anti-Stress Herbs

All of your daily experiences create chemical reactions in the brain that trigger the release of thousands of peptides, hormones, and metabolic particles. These molecules travel throughout the body and attempt to enact an appropriate response in the body. When stress occurs, whether it be physical or emotional, that response usually causes a rise in blood pressure, elevated heart rate, and changes in the immune system. If too much stress is encountered over time, these responses can be detrimental for your overall health. While it may not always be easy to remove stress-causing factors from your life, you can help your body to cope with adaptogens.

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